"Either we heal now....as a team....or we will die as individuals" 
(Any Given Sunday)

Speech due on Friday

'Apocalypse Now'
The world is on the brink of destruction - as The President you must address the nation in an attempt to inspire belief in humanity

Here are some top tip:
  • Address the audience
  • You could possibly begin with an inspiring quote or a short anecdotal story
  • Address the topic/problem immediately 
  • Use pronouns 'we' 'our' 'us'
  • Use rhetorical questions to grab the audiences attention and engage them
  • Repetition  is always important to cement ideas in the listeners
  • Play on the listeners emotions

Remember that your speech is mean't to be read out loud so keep the TONE in mind when writing your speech

Evoke God, justice, big ideas, unity....

Although not directly related to this topic have a listen to Al Pacino's speech in Any Given Sunday. Listen out for the big ideas, the repetition, the emotional anecdotal stories - how he makes it personal and the ending...he questions the players, he leaves it up to them to decide.

Also notice how his sentences get shorter as they become more powerful and hard-hitting, try to do the same...

"Either we heal now....as a team....or we will die as individuals"
How many times to he say 'inches'?

***Warning - there is some bad language in this speech*** 
(on this note please remember not to use any bad language in your writing - keep it clean!) 


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