HOMEWORK - Write a letter of complaint to the Ministry of Truth outlining your views on the work they carry out.

Letter writing is about using the language of argument and persuasion to put across your views on something.
It appears on paper one of the exam and is usually worth 50 marks (Macbeth is worth 60 marks) so it needs to be a fairly comprehensive letter. I'm looking for about 2 A4 pages for homework because I'm nice, normally you are looking at 3+. Here is a guideline of what I am expecting:
  • Correct Layout - ie: addresses in appropriate places (these can be fictional)
  • Structured and organised - paragraphs and properly developed points
  • 3-5 relevant points (main body of the letter to contain same number of paragraphs)
  • Don't stray off topic: keep your letter focused and concise (no waffle)
  • Do be original (avoid being predictable and clichéd)
  • NB: Don't just highlight the problems otherwise your letter will be a long rant - offer some solutions! So highlight the problems you see and offer an alternative that you believe will work.

Possible ideas/topics to discuss in your letter:
- The role of the Records Dept - altering historical records etc
- The role of the Fiction Dept - re-writing texts in 'newspeak' 
- The new dictionary - what is your view on it
- The use of 'memory holes' to destroy anything defamatory towards The Party 
- The Ministry's role in propaganda/censorship and cultural repression

Look in PAPER ONE section of the website to download a sample letter (Note: letter is not related to 1984 but will show you how to lay it out and the type of language you are expected to use.)


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