So...a few hours to your actual leaving cert orals (if you are unlucky enough to be born into a name at the start of the alphabet - I feel your pain, I was tempted to change my name to O' Dowd!). To make matters worse I have asked you to write a poetry essay on good old Willie W. I bet you are as enthusiastic as he is in the picture opposite. 

The question is:

"In his poetry there is a vivid evocation of both the natural world and the mind of the poet" Do you agree or disagree with this view. Support your answer.

It's actually a fairly straightforward question. Does Wordsworth discuss nature and mental health in his poetry? Yes. So what you should do next is draw up a plan, use at least FIVE poems to be on the safe side. See below for a simple plan to get you started - you should add to this before you begin your essay. 

Remember use topic sentences, how are your paragraphs answering the question. Refer to the question at all times and use very specific quotes, only discuss what is relevant to the question, cut the rest.


  • The Beneficial Influence of Nature
  • Nature elicits noble, elevated thoughts and passionate emotions


  • The spiritual quality of nature
  • "With speed put on your woodland dress"
  • The 'blessing in the air' 


  •  The 'tranquillity' of the setting sun
  • "heaven broods o’er the sea"


  • The feeling of euphoria nature has to offer
  • "Ne’er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep"


  • The visual beauty of nature
  • "The untrodden ways
    Beside the springs of Dove"


  • He praises solitude and idealises those who appear to be solitary and at one with nature

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